Technology and Performance Analysis


Technology is rapidly changing professional sports similarly to any other field. Advances in technology have a profound impact on sport including : analysis and quantification of sport performance, thus helping coaches to greatly improve the quality of feedback to athletes; enabling referees and sport officials to make better decisions ; and providing spectators with better presentation of sport performance. This thematic group intends to be a meeting point for both academics and practitioners to exchange ideas and develop synergies.


This thematic group is organised by Aïmen Khacharem (performance analysis) and Bachir Zoudji (Sports technology)

 Research areas

  • Performance analysis in sports
  • Computer systems in sports
  • Health and support technology
  • Technology boosting performance
  • Biomechanical analysis



Dr. Aïmen Khacharem

Lecturer in sport psychology, Department of STAPS, Paris-East Creteil University, FR